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The Sherpa Package

Our most comprehensive offering, the Sherpa Package, provides in-depth guidance for an organization’s staff on the journey to develop their Salesforce database. We customize your trek by defining your organization’s needs, short- and long-term goals, capacity, and other factors affecting the design of your database. Working together, we will identify how far we’ll climb based on what’s realistic for your organization and you. Our Sherpa will meet with your team regularly to review database concepts, perform hands-on database building activities, and plan next steps on the journey to create an effective Salesforce database customized to your organization. Each session includes guidance for self-directed learning and logical next steps for building the database. All sessions are recorded for future reference.

Organizations committed to investing about 100 hours of effort to develop skills and confidence while creating an effective Salesforce database.

Up to 5 individuals from your organization learning together as a group

6 months (2-hour sessions)

Need help making peace with your data in Salesforce? Click here to request a conversation. We’d love to learn about your journey so far and create a plan for your next trek.