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You’ve made your first trek. You’ve discovered the peace that comes with a solid database and first-hand knowledge. And now you and your nonprofit are ready for something more. It could be more tools to make the most of your database. It could be more detailed Salesforce and database training, for those reports or improvements you’d like to try. Or it could be more support from a trusted group of peers and Sherpas, to share the learning with others.

Introducing the Database Sherpa Practice Group

A special database training community for past clients of Database Sherpa. Connect and learn with fellow nonprofit database practitioners through monthly webinars, new training resources, and more. All led by Ashima Saigal, founder of Database Sherpa.


As someone who has journeyed with Database Sherpa before, you know that hands-on learning is at the heart of every trek. It takes a special organization and a special team to be part of the practice of building a database. The rewards of that practice are big: you now have a database that fits your organization’s needs, with the in-house knowledge to maintain it and train others on your team.

While your first trek may be done, the learning continues. We’re thrilled that many of our past clients are asking us for even more database training. They want new challenges, new improvements, and deeper training on Salesforce and database administration. We know that you already have the most important tools for success: a willingness to learn and an organization that values the learning. That’s why we’re launching the Database Sherpa Practice Group.

What’s Included in the Practice Group

This special training community is open only to nonprofit organizations that have completed at least one trek with Database Sherpa. Starting in February 2017, this will be a way for you to grow your own database knowledge, learn with (and from!) other nonprofits, and get more ongoing support from Database Sherpa. The Practice Group will include:

  • Monthly webinars focused on giving you new practical knowledge to improve your database at this stage of the journey
  • New training resources to make database improvements, help with documentation and training your nonprofit’s staff, and more
  • Office hours and live Q&A with Ashima and the group, giving you the chance to get one-on-one support for your organization’s needs and learn from the database scenarios at other nonprofits

Members of the Practice Group will be invited to share the issues, questions, and topics of most interest to them and their nonprofit. This will not be the usual, one-size-fits-all database training. Like all Database Sherpa experiences, we want to meet you where you are and help you learn in ways that support your nonprofit’s goals. The Practice Group will be designed for deeper learning and meaningful connections to strengthen your database knowledge.

Equip your nonprofit with database training in 2017.

Let’s keep learning together. The next webinar of the Database Sherpa Practice Group is on April 21, 2017. More details below!
Monthly and annual registrations are available. Join as an annual participant and save $250.

Month-to-month: $125 per month

Annual Registration: $1,250

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Next Webinar: Implementing Volunteers for Salesforce

April 21, 2017 at 12 pm ET

Salesforce is much more than a donor management tool. Along with the NPSP comes an amazing application called Volunteers for Salesforce. Volunteers for Salesforce offers a way to track volunteer opportunities and those who have filled them for your organization. Ashima will share how this application can help you take your volunteer tracking to the next level. In addition to an overview, you’ll get a guide to jumpstart your implementation and training documents to help you build out your instance and explain the features to your team.

Practice Group Q&A Session

Two weeks after training webinar, scheduled based on participant availability

Each webinar of the Practice Group will be followed by a more in-depth Q&A session two weeks later, to give you time to put the tools into practice and come with questions related to your instance or organization’s needs. The Q&A session is a space for confidential and shared learning. It’s a chance to dig deeper into your organization’s database while learning how other nonprofits set up and use theirs. Ashima will facilitate and provide assistance, resources, and the usual Sherpa encouragement–all based on the needs of the group.

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Database training with Ashima SaigalA note from Ashima…

Do you remember our last trek? It was a sad day when we had to say good bye to each other. Maybe we’d see each other again. But, what if there was a way to stay connected to keep learning and growing together?

Since we so enjoy doing things we’ve never done before and challenging the norms, we are launching this new initiative. I am excited, but also a bit afraid. Why fear? What if no one shows up? What if we missed the mark on this? That’s okay. Fear, I see you. You’ve been around a long time, and you help us all push forward. However, we won’t let you stop us from trying something new. The goal of giving you as much information as possible and helping you grow into your organization’s own internal Sherpa is still what matters most to me.

So, to begin, we will be creating a place and space just for you: our experts who have wholly embraced the Sherpa model. Like always, my plan is to listen to you and offer webinars, group discussions, and a virtual space where we can help each other and learn together.

I hope you will consider joining us for what will be an exciting and new journey for us all.

Join the Database Sherpa Practice Group