Creating a strong database can feel like an uphill climb.
Make the trek with the guidance of a Sherpa.


Imagine being at peace with your data. No more fighting with mail merges. No more intimidating new staff with a huge binder that explains the many steps to update your database. No more trapping your data in a black box of old systems and software updates. We’re on a mission to bring you this peace, and we achieve it with a process unlike anything data management has seen before. The Sherpa approach means we are more guide than taskmaster, more teacher than consultant on your journey towards peace with your Salesforce database. 

While your first reaction may be to call an outside consultant to build a Salesforce database for you, this doesn't have to be the only path to making peace with your data. Partnering with a Sherpa is a way to actively engage in the database process, learn new database management skills, and reap unique rewards that come from your own efforts.

Our Sherpas bring decades of experience to each organization. We know the path to a better database, can point out pitfalls before they become big problems, and will share good practices at every turn. Most importantly, we understand that missteps and learning are all part of the process… you’ll have the freedom to explore without the fear of “failing.”



Building Confidence with a Collaborative Approach

At Database Sherpa, we believe you can't outsource your karma. The energy and practice you put into your database will lead to more confidence, technical knowledge, and greater adoption by your team in the long run. Our approach puts your organization's capacity and team's learning at the center of every engagement. It's an immersive, hands-on way to truly build a database. You'll get to know how your data works and why, what Salesforce can do for you, how to maintain your system, and much more.

Because of our hands-on approach, most organizations invest about 100 hours of practice with Database Sherpa, between time spent learning about good database design and actively building their new database. Investing your own energy leads to big rewards:

  • A completed Salesforce database that meets your organization where it is today and is ready for where it may go in the future.
  • Staff members who are empowered and equipped to maintain the database.
  • A wealth of in-house knowledge that reduces (even eliminates) the need for ongoing consultation as your organization’s database needs evolve.

A Typical Journey with Database Sherpa


3. Put the Plan Into Practice

Database Sherpa will be a hands-on teacher as we co-create your Salesforce database. We view database management as a practice rather than a project. Most organizations invest about 100 hours of practice in their work with Database Sherpa, between time spent learning and actively building their Salesforce database.

Take a deep breath. We know this mountain, and we're ready to help.

Need help making peace with your data in Salesforce? We’d love to learn about your journey so far and create a plan for your next trek.


1. Plan Your Trek

Database Sherpa will customize your trek by defining your nonprofit organization’s needs, short- and long-term goals, capacity, and other factors affecting the design of your Salesforce database. Working together, we will identify how far to climb based on what’s realistic for your organization.

2. Prepare the Team

Just as a Sherpa wouldn’t carry a mountain climber to the top, so too will we expect your organization to actively participate in the process. We will equip your team for the journey through hands-on training and resources for self-directed learning.