Book Update

Notice from Holly Ross on February 8, 2008:

Hi Ashima - Thanks so much for your submission for the book. It was a great surprise to have so many fantastic submissions to choose from for the final book.

We were really engaged by your ideas and voice, but chose another submission for this book. However, we really did like what you have to say. Once we get the main book edited, we will turn our attention to compiling an online appendix to the book filled with essays, research and other articles. If you're amenable, we'd love to work with you this spring when that project begins.

Again - thanks so much for your time here. We know you're busy and appreciate that you took time out for the community.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




I cannot say that I am not totally bummed, but maybe in the Spring we can work together. I really believe that this work will be helpful and I want to see it broadly used. Maybe blogging is the best way regardless....

Anyway, it's a bummer, but it was also my first shot. Maybe another opportunity will come.

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