Cleaning it up.. and signing off

Today I met with my entire committee. The feedback was mostly on my writing, I need to quit writing in passive voice and also keeping my tense consistent (like future or current). Anyway, it was an interesting conversation and I learned a lot about myself. First, I am not the best writer in the world.... yeah, not a complete surprise, but still, it was a learning for today.

Second, I don't mind getting criticism if, and only if, it is presented in a way to show that it will make my work better. So, the entire conversation was about what things I need to change, but every one of the changes was intended to help this research.

Another exciting piece of news is that I don't have to have a final draft by April 24, PHEW! I was told that often, even with PhD dissertations, the paper itself isn't completed, but the committee signs off on the work. So, my committee members said that on April 24th they will sign off on my work. WAHOO!!! I really hope that's a good sign. I'll be working on the presentation over the next few weeks.