Human Capital Investment - Staff Time

Organizations struggle to make human capital investments necessary to ensure success with IT implementation. Lack of staff time for IT implementation related to: staff training, project management and information management.

Regarding staff training, most organizations feel there is little or no time for staff to receive training, yet they see the lack of staff training and expertise as key barriers. Often, staff is educated as they work and are unable to experiment or learn through failure. All organizations value training, but they do not provide the time or the resources to allow for the continuing education that staff require.

Project management is important for successful IT implementation, yet most of these organization do not allow for the time or resources of any staff. Often there is no one assigned to manage the project and staff are not available to answer questions.

Finally, in regards to information management, there is a feeling that staff is inundated with massive amounts of information and they are challenged to filter what is relevant. It's unclear if staff waste time or not, but it is very clear that this is a concern of all those interviewed.

Clearly, staff time plays a key role in the success of IT implementation. If staff are overwhelmed, lack tech skills and unable to manage data, IT projects are apt to fail.