Not Here. Not Now. Not Ever Again.

On the night of August 17, the word "nigger" and a caricature face were spray-painted on the driveway of a Park Township family. This was discovered the next morning by the teenage son; one of the daughters asked her mother, "Does this mean we will be killed?" The family is shocked, hurt, and very upset. Groups like ACEH, LEDA, LAUP, churches, and other organizations and individuals are speaking out to support the family and express outrage that this has happened. The attached pledge is being circulated for signatures. By printing or emailing your name, you are agreeing to have your name listed with others in a newspaper ad. You may receive this pledge from more than one organization; please sign or respond only once.

We need signatures representing all of West Michigan! Forward this pledge to other people that you know.

The following is the pledge and email it to

------------------------------------------------------------------- NOT HERE. NOT NOW. NOT EVER AGAIN. As concerned residents of West Michigan, we extend our support to the Park Township family whose driveway was recently defaced with an offensive racial slur and picture. We want the family to know that anyone who did this does not reflect us or what we want our community to be, and we support efforts to bring the person or persons to justice. We will work to see that no other family living here now or in the future experiences the same shock and pain. A diverse and welcoming community creates economic and wonderful cultural benefits. But inclusion depends on all of us. We, the undersigned, pledge to promote justice, celebrate our diversity, and act as anti-racists in our personal and community lives.