Organizational Traits

This is a listing of organizational traits I intend to collect about each of the organizations in the reserarch paper. These traits will also help me to see patterns in the results. If you see a trait that might be relevant that is missing, please let me know!

Thesis Statement

Although investments in Information Technology (IT) decrease productivity of some nonprofits, there is growing support, bolstered by research with for-profits, that the key to increasing success is having a triangle of investment in infrastructure, human capital and strategic planning.


  • Operating budget
  • Revenue stream mix (ie. earned income, membership fees, govt grants, fdn grants, endowments, etc.)
  • Expense mix
  • Designated vs. undesignated grants
  • National affiliate vs. unaffiliated
  • Organization "age"

Human Capital

  • Administrative staff vs. Program staff
  • Size of executive team
  • Board size
  • Volunteer size
  • Staff eduation
  • Average age of staff
  • Gender

Strategic Planning

  • Formality of planning
  • Scope of planning
  • Staff involvement
  • Board involvement
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