Personal Account

While reading a book called Writing up Qualitative Research by Harry Wolcott, I came across a section of the book which recommended starting with writing a personal account of how and why this study is of interest to me. I took time to write up and quickly found that I had written 4 pages, free form with no grammar checking, but nonetheless, I am obviously passionate about this. So, why is that? While working in the corporate sector as a computer programmer, I found myself wanting more in the for-profit sector, where I started my career as a CS major. I longed for doing good work in the world. To make a difference. I found myself at the edge of a new path, working in the nonprofit sector.

A good friend and mentor introduced me to this world and I’ve never turned back. The sector has a great need and a great gift to humanity and I wish to be part of that. With my mentor, we launched an organization called GrandNet, to support local nonprofit organization’s technology. I worked for NPower Michigan for sometime, helping to strengthen the IT infrastructure in various nonprofits in our State.

But, I kept running up against the same issues. The same problems. The same struggles. I kept wondering if we were forcing IT into a sector which is not prepared. Were nonprofits ready for the kind of change IT brings? I really want to unravel this mystery and see if there are any answers.

So, these challenges and opportunities have lead me to this path, the path I continue to follow.