Hands-on, short-term database administration for nonprofits. Just-right support, when you need it most.

As an organization that works for social change, you know change is inevitable. Program needs shift, fundraising goals evolve, and leadership changes hands. In those cases, there is often a plan for what to do next, who needs to know what, and how to be sure your nonprofit keeps humming. But is the same true for your database?

Even with good processes in place, program changes and staff departures can set a nonprofit back or off-course entirely in their database journey.

Maybe your database administrator is moving on to a new opportunity. Maybe they got a promotion but don't have capacity to train their replacement. Maybe you're rolling out a new project and need to scale your Salesforce instance quickly, with extra support to make it happen. Or maybe you simply want some extra guidance to be sure your database is prepared for future changes, with clear documentation and transparent processes.

This is where the Database Sherpa Outpost program comes in. Through Outpost, we offer highly-skilled and short-term database administration, hiring assistance, and more for times when growth or transition calls for extra help.


Support to Help You Refuel When Change Happens

  • Backup and hands-on implementation support for database administration tasks, including ongoing data management and clean-up, support with adding new apps and features to Salesforce, and more. This can be helpful when you simply need a set of extra hands (e.g., launching a new program and creating a new data set or custom reports), or it can also be used for those times when staff departures or short-term leaves of absence (e.g., maternity or paternity leave) cause a gap in your capacity.

  • Guidance to hire a new database administrator, including assistance with hiring a new administrator, creating job postings and helping to vet candidates, and coaching on interview questions or exercises to determine qualifications and/or a candidate's capacity to learn Salesforce.  

  • Transition support and training for a new hire, including one-on-one sessions to coach them on your specific Salesforce instance, provide context about the treks your organization has already completed, answer technical questions as they get settled into the job, and share resources for deeper learning.

  • Documentation review and development, including the creation of and/or coaching on essential documentation before, during, or after change happens. This can include technical documentation as well as process documentation and other training materials that can help an organization sustain good database management practices.


"A Human Backup"

"When our database administrator left the organization, we didn't want to lose any of the progress we had made with our database. Database Sherpa was essentially a 'human backup' and provided administrative support while we looked for our new hire. Ashima also helped us create a solid job description, coached us on how to interview for the role (including creating skills tests), and helped us reflect on our final candidates.

When our new hire came on board, Database Sherpa was there to show them the journey we're on with Salesforce, help design their training process, and provide one-on-one help as questions came up. As a member of senior management, I would not have had the time or depth of expertise to offer this kind of technical on-boarding. Having a Sherpa lead the way made everything seamless, gave our new hire lots of confidence, and gives me confidence that the next time we need a new database administrator, the transition will be even easier."  

Traci Hjelt Sullivan
Associate Secretary for Development

Need a boost for your nonprofit's database?

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