A Comparison guide for nonprofits

Event Management Tools


Today, there are more tools than ever to plan your nonprofit's event, sell and manage registration, organize attendees, and manage all the data in between. And with those tools comes a variety of features, fees, and learning curves. It can be challenging to know what's available and what's right for your organization, so Database Sherpa has created a comparison tool to show you many paths to happier event management.

Our event management tool comparison is a living Google document that is shared and owned by the online community. The tool compares various event management solutions by cost, e-commerce and payment integration (e.g., Stripe, Paypal), CRM integration, and more. 

Are you a vendor or developer of an event management tool? Would you like to be included on this list? Please use this form to let us know, and we'll be in touch with additional questions. 


Looking for a CRM for better event management?

If you’ve heard of CRM (customer relationship management) platforms, you may think of them as a tool for business sales teams. But nonprofits are finding that a CRM platform like Salesforce can help any organization that is built around people and relationships track and share contacts, manage data across teams, and work smarter. At its best, a CRM helps you simplify your processes and free your time to focus on your people and programs.

Salesforce was the first major CRM to offer the easy accessibility and security of a cloud-based CRM. That means your data is stored and regularly backed up online, rather than trapped on one computer in your office. So when you're out and about at events, meeting volunteers, or working with clients, your data can travel with you on a laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone.


Begin your trek to better data and peaceful work.

Database Sherpa helps nonprofits, especially small- to mid-size nonprofits with limited resources and capacity, make the most of a powerful tool like Salesforce. If you're looking for a better way to manage your work and make peace with your data, we can help.