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Moving to the new Salesforce Household Account Model?
Get started with our free guide.


It can feel daunting to decide which account model is right for your nonprofit and build your Salesforce database around that model. That’s why Database Sherpa has created a resource guide for getting started.

Salesforce introduced the new Household Account model as part of NPSP 3. You’ll have the option of migrating to it after you upgrade.

What are account models?

Account models are the structure for how individual contacts in your database are organized. The Household Account model is exciting, because it’s a more seamless way to organize contacts and information associated with them. You can connect multiple members of the same family while tracking their separate donations and addresses (including seasonal addresses).

This streamlined approach more closely mimics how relationships are interconnected in the real world. It also makes for better reporting… something your team will appreciate when it’s time to plan your year-end appeal!

Included in the Guide

Our six-page, DIY Guide to Household Migration includes:

  • Printable checklists that make it easy to keep tabs on where you're at in the process and plan what to expect
  • Troubleshooting and journey-tested tips from our Sherpas to help you address common roadblocks in the migration process
  • Recommended practices to help you have an easier, more mindful path to switching to the household account model

Praise for the Guide

“I would say I have a strong basic knowledge of Salesforce, but am by no means an expert. I understood the concepts behind the Household Account model – and was excited by the possibilities for our organization – but was uncertain about how to actually make the change. I was afraid I would miss a step along the way and create a huge mess – or lose data! The Database Sherpa DIY Guide to the Household Migration process is exactly what I need. It is clear, easy to understand, easy to apply, and has given me confidence in the process – not just the theory. Thank you!”
Mitzy Sharp Futro
Executive Director, Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation