"I have worked with a few different consulting partners and it almost does not feel right to compare Database Sherpa to those other partners because the difference is so large. You basically look for two different things in a consulting partner: 1) Do they know their stuff and 2) Can they relate that knowledge effectively? Not only does Database Sherpa have a really deep understanding of Salesforce that reaches depths that no person in their right mind should ever attempt to reach (here's looking at you JASON parser method for the tooling api), but they bring a great demeanor and communicate very clearly in a way that deepens understanding for the client. I had a feeling that Database Sherpa was a different type of organization when they provided a free guide for the household account migration process (before anything else was out there). After getting a chance to work with them briefly, I feel even stronger about that. These people make a difference and are just fantastic."

Zach Wittrock
One Roof Community Housing

"The staff at Database Sherpa were very patient, helpful and professional throughout our set-up process. They always took as much time as we needed and never made us feel uncomfortable or rushed as we were learning. We were allowed to set the pace of the sessions, which kept all of our other office tasks from falling behind as we took on this huge project. Our staff had virtually no donor management system experience, so the Database Sherpa staff really had to start from ground 0 with us. They were always careful to not only show us how to create our system, but understand each process to be able to function on our own in the future. We now feel that we have the knowledge and the tools to continue to build a great system in Salesforce with what we have been taught. We can highly recommend Ashima and Gabriel to anyone needing to get a positive start with NPSP."

Kit Mundus Steinaway
Programs Manager, Book Industry Charitable Foundation

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you - my time spent working with you over the last year has been incredible! Thank you for providing guidance as we worked to migrate from one Salesforce instance to another. Due to your work, I developed valuable skills and broadened my horizons in the tech world. In part, your role helped me to discover (and honor) the path I am choosing to follow as I start a new job now. I am truly excited to dive into Salesforce whole-heartedly and to devote the time needed to learn as much as I can. I look forward to the day I am able to provide the attention, courtesy, and care you show your clients. Here's to you and the wonderful work of the Sherpas!"

"Partnering with Database Sherpa was a game-changer for our organization. Our growth and increased sophistication as an organization required us to take our data management, administration, and development up a level. The Database Sherpa team helped us take it up much more than just one level! We are now able to operate more effectively and efficiently, and we are also now able to leverage our data like never before."

David Riley
Director of Business Intelligence & Research at The Right Place

“When I first called Database Sherpa I was frustrated, confused and stressed out. Ashima’s first priority was to decrease my stress level and make me feel confident we would conquer the large task at hand together as a team. The remainder of our time working together she continued to check in with how my stress levels were, and did what she could to keep them low. Her personal effort to always make sure I was dealing with this process well was amazing, and I could not have done it without her.

I could not recommend Ashima highly enough. She has the knowledge, skills and personal touch needed to help non-profits implement Salesforce effectively. She becomes a part of your agency team while you work together and values your input highly. After the first meeting my stress levels decreased, I was more confident and felt excited to take on the challenge ahead of me. I have now made more custom changes to our database through what I learned.

Lauren-Jane Stephenson
Donor Enrichment Manager at Women’s Resource Center San Diego

“Ashima’s contribution to my organization’s understanding of database design and management have helped us leap decades ahead of where we were before working with her. Her experience and insight into non profit data needs matched with her deep understanding of data systems is POWERFUL. Best of all, she has taught us to design and use our system, eliminating the need for constant consulting interventions. We’re smarter, more independent, fueled with better data and ready for our future… all thanks to Ashima’s good counsel.”

Rachel Hood
Former Executive Director of West Michigan Environmental Action Council

“Ashima is a gifted information technology consultant who focuses on the needs of nonprofits. She approaches her consulting work as a 'coach' providing tools, a process and follow up support but then letting the client apply the learning on their own. She is straight-forward, articulate and highly professional.

Teresa Durham
Executive Director of Nonprofit Alliance

“The skills you taught us helped us build out a CRM system that manages our business members, individual donors, and volunteers. We have used the manual you helped us to create to train new staff on how to use the system. It is working well two years in!

Elissa S. Hillary
Executive Director of Local First

“In 2008-09, Women’s Resource Center (WRC) worked with Ashima to customize the Salesforce platform as our agency’s client services information management system. The consultation work with Ashima resulted in our agency obtaining an MIS system that was user-friendly and customized for our agency needs. The consulting engagement also facilitated a process where key agency staff members learned how to plan a successful database, how to set up and customize specific fields, and how to develop useful reports from the Salesforce product. Not only did WRC get a great end product, but we enhanced the internal capacity of the organization throughout the consulting process by learning how we can provide our own ongoing management of the database on an in-house basis. Ashima’s deep understanding of the technology combined with her knowledge of the nonprofit sector make her uniquely qualified for this consulting work.”

Sharon Caldwell-Newton
Executive Director of Women’s Resource Center of Grand Rapids