Trish Perkins

Trish Perkins has been traveling the world since the 1970s and so it was a natural step to add Salesforce into her travel schedule. Before she discovered Salesforce, Trish joined the group of technology innovators in the nonprofit space calling themselves "e-riders," folks that took their technology expertise from nonprofit to nonprofit is the style of the Old West "circuit riders." The journey took her to the Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program, where the federal government paid her almost nothing to fight poverty and injustice (and install Salesforce) in North Carolina where she lives.

Trish has worked since as a consultant for nonprofits, with a unique business plan: She's a consultant in the United States, always with nonprofits, but then uses the fees to pay for her far-flung trips around the world. Once she arrives for an international gig, she usually stays a month and always works for food and lodging (...and internet and transportation to work). She believes in collaboration with her clients -- a gentle handshake between people -- different and distinct worlds that touch. She calls her approach WorldsTouch. 

Hear Trish's story in her own words and learn why we're so excited she's joined the Sherpa team.

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