Stronger databases.
Made mindfully.

Salesforce Consultation & Training for Nonprofits


Invest in a database your nonprofit will want to use.
Over 90% of our clients actively use Salesforce
nearly three years after working with us.

The sign of a good database is one that's actually useful. It doesn't matter how carefully designed a tool is, how new and great the technology is, or how "expert" a consultant is. If your team doesn't use the tool and care for your data for the long haul, nothing changes. There's a reason many nonprofits are still devoted to their Excel spreadsheets! In the end, a good database comes down to adoption. Just as in a mindfulness practice, practice is everything... a practice that engages people, offers compassion for learning curves, and inspires attention to what matters. That's why practice is at the heart of our approach at Database Sherpa.  

Imagine a database designed for how your nonprofit really works. Imagine training that builds your team's confidence. Our Sherpa approach makes it possible.


Full-Service Consultation
For Small to mid-size nonprofits

A database designed for how your nonprofit really works, with training to help your team actually use it. While your first thought may be to call an outside consultant to build a database for you, with their idea of what works, that doesn't have to be the only path. By partnering with a Sherpa, you'll build a new tool for your work and keep the knowledge in-house.

DAtabase Training
For Organizations & Individuals

Database Sherpa offers customized Salesforce training and one-on-one coaching on a wide range of topics related to your organization’s use of Salesforce, including both end user and administration training. Training is suitable for individuals, groups, or groups of nonprofits seeking a deeper understanding of specific aspects of their Salesforce database.

Database Admin & Support

Change is inevitable. Program needs shift, fundraising goals evolve, and leadership changes hands. In those cases, there is often a plan to keep your nonprofit humming. But who cares for your database when things change? Our Outpost program provides hands-on database administration, hiring assistance, and more for times when growth or transition calls for extra help. 


Field Notes from the Sherpa Blog

Your Sherpas

Our small team works across the country, both on-site and virtually with clients. While we have the training and credentials you'd expect from your Salesforce guide, we hope what our clients remember most is that they are cared for, listened to, and empowered to make the database journey their own. Each organization gets the benefit of our diverse experience and close attention. No two journeys are the same, and we're ready to meet you wherever you happen to be starting yours.