Finding Peace with Your Data: A Worksheet & Mindfulness Practice


It's not always easy to find peace with your data. How many times have you run away screaming from your computer in agony over a report you needed to create or data that was incorrectly entered? I bet it's quite a few. Finding peace with data isn't always a straight path. Often, it's a curvy path filled with potholes and knotty bushes. Along the way, I believe there can be compassionate pauses where we set intentions, reconnect with our hopes for the work, and engage our team mindfully. Whether you're cleaning up data in your Salesforce instance or setting intentions for another database project, I hope this worksheet and mindfulness practice (both free downloads, below) will help you move into the work with more awareness and peace.

While working on this latest guide, I realized that the Household Migration Guide, while an excellent tool, lacked another resource to go alongside. Something that would Sherpa you through the challenging work ahead. A meditation practice needs to go alongside the guide.

My latest offering is a Peace with data guide that provides you support with a worksheet to align your work with an intention. The mindful practice recording helps you uncover the intention of the work to be done by focusing on your current emotions. I am hopeful that these two resources together can help guide you in finding peace with your data.

Download the worksheet (PDF) and have it with you for the 8-minute mindfulness practice below.

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