Finally, the presentation

The presentation went well, although I was quite nervous and friends who know me well were quite surprised as my voice cracked a bit. Anyway, I am glad that it is over but also sad in a way. It is the end of my Master's degree and it is a little sad to see an ending, albeit a happy ending. My professors were happy with the results and the questions asked during the Q&A portion were very well thought out. Just a few questions that were asked:

  • Did I look at staff size when creating my small, medium and large sized organizations? No, I didn't look at that dimension and it would be an interesting one. I suspect that budget and size correlated, but who knows. I also would have thought an org with more revenue would spend more on their IT budget.


  • Did I think that IT training was lacking or training in general was lacking? Great question! I didn't spend much time researching training in nonprofits in general, but I suspect that overall nonprofits don't spend enough time or money on educating their staff. It could be future research.... man, now I need to continue to write!


I guess since the questions were good it meant they understood the actual findings. One professor even suggested the development of a super consultant, someone who can help bridge the tactical with the strategy. Interesting concept.

I have to finish up the final edits of my research, but then, I was thinking of posting the entire research on a wiki for all to edit, so what do you think? If I created a wiki, would you come edit?